Chicken of the Woods – And Other Great Mushrooms!

Chicken of the Woods – And Other Great Mushrooms

To some people who aren’t foragers and don’t know one mushroom from another, this colloquial mushroom name reminds them of that classic brand of tuna “Chicken of the Sea!”

However, mushroom enthusiasts know that “chicken of the woods” or laetiporus sulphureus is one of the most versatile and flavorful mushrooms that you’ll find in the wild that can add a lot to your dinner table.

What is laetiporus sulphureus?

Laetiporus sulphureus, also known as “chicken of the woods” or “sulphur shelf mushroom” is a mushroom that can be difficult to grow on your own, but is abundant in some natural areas. It often grows on hardwood logs in the forest. Colonization and fruiting temperatures are around 70-80F/75-95F – these mushrooms often have bright color (Laetiporus means “bright pores” in latin.)

Using Laetiporus Sulphureus in Cooking

They also call this mushroom “chicken of the woods” because of how many things you can do with it in the kitchen.

Like your store-bought portobello or button mushroom, the chicken of the woods can be great diced up or sliced fine and served in a sandwich or quiche or salad. Some people like to make vegetarian patties with chicken of the woods and add some spices and other ingredients. You can do the ever-popular stuffed mushroom if you have big enough sizes, or you can throw these babies on the grill and brush them with butter.

Another thing that’s great about laetiporus sulphureus is its shelf life. You can freeze these mushrooms for quite a long time, so as a foraging food, they are a good example of your ability to harvest in one season and eat during the dormant season – that’s winter.

Chicken of the woods generally appeals to those foragers who are pursuing a healthy seasonal lifestyle. Instead of trying to buy tomatoes and strawberries from South America when it’s cold, they utilize a seasonal menu to eat better, have a much smaller impact on the environment, and save money.

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